Inviting friends to your groupmuse

Inviting friends is a huge part of hosting a groupmuse! Nearby groupmusers will be able to find your event on, but it's important that each host try to build as much of a crowd as they can, so we can ensure a smashing success and solid compensation for the musicians.

Your main guide for invitations is the website. The "Manage event" page for your groupmuse will have lots of options and shortcuts to get you started. But in general, we suggest:

  • Creating a public Facebook event to easily invite lots of people, and allow them to invite others
  • Sending a personal email invitation to everyone you can think of :)

Optionally, you may also want to use text messages with your invite shortlink, or post your event to other social media networks. That's totally up to you, and we encourage you to do it! 

The important thing to keep in mind is that we really need the reservations to be made on (so a Facebook rsvp doesn't count, sorry). Groupmuse relies on the $5 reservation fees to support itself, and it also gives you and the musicians a much more definite rsvp list (we all know how frequently people rsvp to Facebook events and then don't show up).

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