Preparing your place for a groupmuse

Your home should be presentable, but don't be a perfectionist! Groupmuses are meant to be regular neighborhood events, not once a year special occasions.

Consider putting up a few simple signs to direct guests to your place, if you live in an apartment building, or there’s anything confusing about getting to your place. Just writing “Groupmuse” and a few arrows will do the trick, but feel free to get creative with it!

There’s no need to provide drinks or snacks. Groupmuses are usually BYOB for two reasons: it creates a healthy communal atmosphere and it makes hosting super easy. If you can't prevent yourself from providing, we won't stop you, but we encourage you to go minimal!

Encourage guests to sit on the floor during the performance if they can, because it's super intimate when everyone cozies up near the music. If you can, provide some pillows and blankets to make floor-seating comfy. You may also have some guests who prefer or are limited to chairs or couches, so make sure you have some traditional seating available, as well. But groupmuses are not recitals, so definitely don't put out rows of folding chairs!

Consider some romantic lighting. Good lighting can make a huge difference! Low lighting, string lights, or off-lighting can add a lot of flavor to the event - get creative! Just make sure the musicians can still read their music when they arrive.

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