Hosting basics: What every host needs to know

Before you become a host, make sure you're familiar with these basics!

The Space

  • Anyone can host in their home, no matter the space. Set your own capacity, even if it’s just 10 people sitting on your bed.
  • Groupmuses are for homes and private residences only. Not hosting at a home? Check out Groupmuse at Work, Groupmuse Picnics, or contact us.
  • We encourage floor seating. It’s cozier and fits more people (so rugs are great), but a couch or chairs are good to have for those who need them.

The Cost

  • Every attendee should pay the musicians at least $20 (but we never turn anyone away for lack of funds). Please collect payments for the musicians in a large bowl after the performance, or ask your audience to pay at
  • Hosting is free! Guests bring their own drinks, so no need to buy anything.

The Rules

  • Groupmuse performances are not background music. As the host, you'll help set a tone of respect for the music. This is music to disappear into, not music to talk over.
  • The crowd will be a mix of your friends and local groupmusers. Hosting strangers might be intimidating, but meeting new people is an important and wonderful part of Groupmuse!

The Music

  • We only feature traditional historical music and do not take requests. We feature traditional historical music performed by professionals who choose their own programs.
  • Programs are usually around 45 minutes long. Plan for an intermission in the middle to mingle and refill drinks.
  • Ask us to find musicians for you, or browse our catalog of nearby musicians. More information on musician matching here.

Host Expectations

  • Hosts emcee their own groupmuses. It’s really easy! You just need to gather everyone for the music, explain how Groupmuse works, and help collect cash afterward.
  • Help set the tone. Hosts help create a culture of safety, respect, inclusivity, and accessibility at their groupmuses.

Next, check out our guide on Groupmuse's culture. As a host, you'll be on the front lines creating a healthy and warm atmosphere at your events.

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