Hosting basics: What every host needs to know

Before you become a host, make sure you're familiar with these basics!

The Space

  • Anyone can host in their home, no matter the space. Set your own capacity, even if it’s just 10 people sitting on your bed.
  • Groupmuses are for homes and private residences only. Not hosting at a home? Check out Groupmuse at Work, Groupmuse Picnics, or contact us.
  • We encourage floor seating. It’s cozier and fits more people (so rugs are great), but a couch or chairs are good to have for those who need them. An additional option is to indicate that  the space is Accessible for groupmusers who need mobility considerations

The Cost

  • Every attendee should pay the musicians at least $20 (but we never turn anyone away for lack of funds). Please collect payments for the musicians in a large bowl after the performance, or ask your audience to pay at
  • Hosting is free! Guests bring their own drinks, so no need to buy anything.

The Rules

  • Groupmuse performances are not background music. As the host, you'll help set a tone of respect for the music. This is music to disappear into, not music to talk over.
  • Unless it's a private groupmuse, the crowd will be a mix of your friends and local groupmusers. Hosting strangers might be intimidating, but meeting new people is an important and wonderful part of Groupmuse!
    • Updated 12/19/22: Since reopening for in-person groupmuses in May of 2021, we have seen a decline in the number of local groupmusers attending events unless they know the host or musician performing or are a +1 of someone who was invited. What this means is the host is responsible for bringing together more of the crowd.
  • Fill up your capacity to 75%+ filled or consider postponing. This helps ensure that musicians are paid a fair wage for their time spent practicing and performing at your groupmuse. Playing to an empty room not only falls flat, but also means less money in musicians pockets.

The Music

  • We only feature traditional historical music and do not take requests. We feature traditional historical music performed by professionals who choose their own programs.
  • Programs are usually around 45-50 minutes long. Plan for an intermission in the middle to mingle and refill drinks.
  • Ask us to find musicians for you, or browse our catalog of nearby musicians. More information on musician matching here.

Host Expectations

  • Hosts emcee their own groupmuses. It’s really easy! You just need to gather everyone for the music, explain how Groupmuse works, and help collect cash afterward.
  • Help set the tone. Hosts help create a culture of safety, respect, inclusivity, and accessibility at their groupmuses.

Next, check out our guide on Groupmuse's culture. As a host, you'll be on the front lines creating a healthy and warm atmosphere at your events.

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