Historical Musical Requirements

As of 11/25/2020:

As part of Groupmuse’s effort to evolve beyond European ethnocentrism in classical music, we’ve updated the parameters of our “canonical half” requirement, which stipulated that at least 50% of Groupmuses feature canonical classical music. 

We recognize that the requirements we have had in place for many years are crucial to what has made Groupmuse so resonant with communities around the country, and by scaling back labels like “classical,” “Western,” and “canonical,” and instead focusing on what qualities make that music special, we hope to counteract the forces of supremacy. 

We are redefining our “canonical half” as a “historical, traditional half” characterized as:

  • Music rooted in a historical tradition and pedagogy
    • The Groupmuse community derives strength and depth through a robust and meaningful connection to the past. A groupmuse is a means of musical communion with our human ancestors.
  • Music predicated on a lifetime commitment to its craft
    • Groupmuse as a movement exists in part to support and spotlight professional musicians who have devoted their lives to their craft. Moreover, when a community bears witness to artistry at so refined a level, it uplifts all of us.
  • Music written for an intimate scale
    • In a world of stadium rock and warehouse EDM, groupmuses center music made for a human scale -- so that we can connect earnestly and in our fullness over something that we all share together.

If you are a musician applying to perform on our platform, you will be asked to answer the following questions during the application process: 

  • How is your music connected with the past, and what historical lineage/s does it draw from? How is the instrument you play connected with this tradition?
  • How did you learn your craft, and are you firmly committed to the continuous practice and development of your art? Is music-making/teaching/learning your primary profession?
  • Was the music you’ll be performing intended for a living-sized space? 

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