Groupmuse Music Requirements

As of 09/27/2023:

As part of Groupmuse’s effort to evolve beyond European ethnocentrism in classical music, we’ve updated the parameters of our program requirements, which once stipulated that at least 50% of Groupmuses feature canonical classical music. That requirement is no longer. 

To be a Groupmuse-ready program, 1. The music must be rooted in a historical tradition, 2. The performers must be long-term dedicated to their craft, and 3. The performance needs to be intended for an intimate scale.

  1. Rooted in a historical tradition: Of course all music is rooted in some sort of historical tradition. What is important to us is that the performer be in conscious relationship with their historical tradition. Groupmuse is about building community through performances that speak to the greater human story. So even if your program is all new music, it’s crucial that you be able to speak to the lineages that you are drawing upon. 
  2. Long-term dedication to craft: Groupmuse performances are not for amateurs. We don’t require performers to have a performance degree from an institution, but we need to be convinced that the music making will be at a very high level, and speaks to many years of faithful devotion to the craft.
  3. Intimate scale: Groupmuse makes space for less commercial, more intimate forms of music. If you are making music intended for warehouse raves or popular music venues, it’s likely not going to be a fit for Groupmuse. If you make music that doesn’t require amplification, or if it does but it won’t disturb the neighbors, it’s probably a better fit for Groupmuse.

If you are a musician applying to perform on our platform, you will be asked to answer the following questions during the application process: 

  • How is your music connected with the past, and what historical lineage/s does it draw from? How is the instrument you play connected with this tradition?
  • How did you learn your craft, and are you firmly committed to the continuous practice and development of your art? Is music-making/teaching/learning your primary profession?
  • Was the music you’ll be performing intended for a living-sized space?

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