How to set up your own groupmuses

With an approved musician account, you have options for finding hosts and groupmuses to play, most of which can be found under the “Perform” tab:

Option 1: Find hosts who have already created groupmuses, but don’t have musicians yet, in our weekly musician email (you’ll be subscribed automatically with an approved page) or at

Option 2: Asks hosts who’ve hosted in the past if they want to host again at

Option 3: Ask your friends and neighbors to host.

Option 4: Host yourself.

Finding the right host isn’t just about finding someone who’ll have you, it’s also about finding the right fit! Try to find out some basics about the host before offering to play for them. On the website you can do that by clicking on their name, where you’ll find some information and the option to send a message. Will they be a good fit for your type of performance?

How to set up the groupmuse

If you’re using Option 1, you can offer to play the already-created groupmuse directly at Make sure your offers fit our program requirements: about 45 minutes total, and at least 50% traditional historical music canon.  It’s possible that more than one musician will offer to play the same groupmuse, and in that case, here’s how we choose between them:

  • We try to match the host's preferences.
  • We try to fairly distribute performances so no one gets too many or too few. 
  • We try to match audience size with group size.
  • We tend to favor professional musicians (those doing music as a career).

If you’re using Option 2 or Option 3, the host will need to create a new groupmuse for the date you chose and name you as the musician. If they’ve hosted before, they’ll probably know how to do this already. If they haven’t and are having trouble figuring it out, direct them either to or to email us at [email protected].

Once we’ve assigned you to the groupmuse, you and the host will get an email officially confirming the groupmuse, and you’ll be ready to go!

If you're interested in Option 4 (hosting yourself), you will need to first get approved as a host. You can do so by filling out a host application form and someone from the Groupmuse Team will follow up with next steps.

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