Groupmuse Master Class Tutorial

(Note: This article hasn't been fleshed out yet, because we are improvising this event category with you! Please contact us with your ideas and questions.)

In Sept 2020, Zoom released High-Fidelity, Professional-Grade Audio. This is a significant upgrade in audio quality from Zoom's previous version, but in our testing here at Groupmuse, it's still not as consistent or high-quality as a YouTube Live stream. The reason for this may be simply that YouTube Live (and other streaming services) add a 10-30 second buffer to any live stream, allowing end-users to buffer content, which makes blips and hiccups much much less likely. Zoom sounds pretty good, but many end-users will not have the same audio experience as they would on YouTube. 

However, Zoom has one HUGE advantage: You can actually talk with the audience in real time! They can applaud between movements, ask questions, and generally engage. And so, with the help of some pilot musicians, we are launching an event category that we think fits the bill for these restrictions: The Masterclass. 

The goal is to take full advantage of the interactivity offered by a Zoom concert, to offset for the lost audio quality. We don't know exactly what that looks like; it could be short lectures mixed in with performance, it could be a program with a specific arc designed to stimulate audience questions. Maybe it's targeted at audiences who want to learn more about a specific composer, maybe it's targeted at other musicians. We don't know - but we want to hear your idea for a Masterclass, and we want to help you market it and monetize it. Groupmuse Staff Emcees will still attend and help facilitate every Masterclass (and make the money ask).

Our only requirements right now are:

  1. You use Zoom's Advanced Audio Settings
  2. The event is both musical and interactive
  3. The entire event is 90 minutes or less (including any pre-and-post program socializing).

So please submit your ideas and we will do everything we can to work with you in this exciting new domain! It would be extremely helpful if you could provide a detailed event description and "program" for the event, so that Groupmuse Staff (and audiences) can have a very good idea of how the event should go.

If you're already an approved Groupmuse musician, submit your Masterclass here!

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