Premiere Concert Tutorial

Groupmuse offers the opportunity for musicians to feature pre-recorded concerts as ' Premieres', using the feature of the same name on YouTube.

The Groupmuse Premiere concert experience is exactly the same as the Livestream Concert Format, the only difference being that the performance is a pre-recorded YouTube Premiere video, rather than a YouTube Livestream.

This feature is useful for musicians who:

  • Don't have the capability to stream live, but would like to create an event that features online content via the Groupmuse platform.
  • Have recently produced a high-end video production and are looking to create an interesting event that maximizes audience attendance and ticket sales, and also allows musicians a platform to discuss this project live with an audience via Zoom before and after the premiere.

*Note: we require all pre-recorded Premiere videos to follow the same format as Livestream Groupmuses (roughly 45 minutes of music, with an optional 2-5 minute intermission).*

To set up a Premiere Video on YouTube, see the following steps below; be sure to set your premiere to begin 15 minutes after the groupmuse's start time to allow for the pre-concert chat in Zoom!:

Once you upload your premiere, you can paste your Youtube video link onto your Groupmuse event page either while filling out the event form here:

Or after you submit the form under the music section of the event page here:

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