Helpful hints and tips for virtual groupmuses

What you’ll need 

  • Use a computer with high speed internet
    • You can use a smartphone or tablet, but we don’t recommend it.  Read more here.
  • Use external speakers or high quality headphones
    • Internal computer speakers are often too quiet!
  • Download “Zoom”ahead of time
  • Know your device
    • Familiarize yourself with your device and some basic computer commands prior to the groupmuse.  You can even pull up this demo stream to practice.

What to expect

  • Check your e-mail just before start time
    • One hour before the groupmuse, we’ll e-mail you the link to join.  You can also access it directly from Account > My events on  Read more about this here.
  • ~70 minutes total
    • For livestreams and premieres: The concert stream embedded on (~50 mins), the post-concert Q&A on Zoom (~20 mins). 
    • For masterclasses: All 70 minutes on Zoom. 
  • Pay the musicians during the show.
    • A payment link will be available once the concert starts and indefinitely afterwards, so that you can rewatch the concert at any time (as long as the musicians keep the video up!) and generously donate every time. All payments are made via credit card through our secure payment system, Stripe.
  • If you need technical assistance, a Groupmuse team member will be there to assist you.
    • Every virtual groupmuse has a Zoom room that attendees can join for immediate guidance.  Attendees can access the Zoom link on the event's streaming page.  

Our Community Standards

  • Be respectful
    • Treat others how you would want to be treated.
  • Promote a safe environment
    • We can all help keep our community safe in many ways.
  • Help everyone feel included
    • Groupmuses are places where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, race, class, religion, ability, sex, gender, orientation, or political beliefs.
  • Keep groupmuses accessible
    • We believe that music and community gatherings should be accessible, welcoming, low-cost, and available to all, regardless of the resources at their disposal.

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