How do I reserve a spot/add +1's? (with tutorial video and pictures)

So you've decided to attend a virtual groupmuse!  Awesome!  Because groupmuses are private events, you will need to complete a reservation in order to attend.  That's how we know whom to give access!  This guide will show you what the reservation process looks like, including how to add up to four +1s on your reservation.  

Step 1.) Go to and click on the event title of the groupmuse you'd like to attend.

Step 2.) Click on either of the green buttons to "reserve a spot."

Step 3.)   If this is your first groupmuse, manually enter your information which will create your Groupmuse account.  You will need to provide us with your name, e-mail, and year of birth.  A selfie is optional for attending online events, but is mandatory for those in-person!  This is for the safety of our hosts.  Click here to learn more about pictures and host safety. Click the green "next" button when you are finished.  

Please note: The next time you reserve a spot for a groupmuse, always click the black button to log in with your Groupmuse account. If you have a pre-existing groupmuse account and manually enter your attendee info anyway, you will wind up with multiple accounts, which can be very confusing for you in the future!  

Step 4.)  Fill out the options page for your reservation.

  • Would you like to add any guests on separate devices?:  If not, select "nope, just one device."  If yes, you can use the drop down menu to add up to four additional devices.  You will need to enter each guest's first name and e-mail address to continue.  
  • Would you like to receive text message updates about the groupmuse?  If yes, enter your cell phone number.  
  • You can leave a message for the host if you'd like!
  • You can check the box to opt in to receive e-mails from the musician about their upcoming events.

When you are finished click the green button that says "save and continue to payment."

Step 5.) Select the box to become a supermuser (which for $5/mo gets you unlimited free reservations to virtual groupmuses with a +1!) or to make a one time reservation payment for this groupmuse.  Then click the green button that says "Complete reservation with card."  Be sure to review our community standards, terms of use, privacy policy, and refund policy (hyperlinked in red) before continuing.

Step 6.)   Enter your payment information.  We'll need a credit card number, expiration date, and cvc number.  

Step 7.)   All done!  Be sure to read our helpful hints and tips to prepare you for the groupmuse.

Step 8.)   View your reservation.  When it's time for the groupmuse, you can come back to this page to join the concert by selecting "My events" from the dropdown menu of your Groupmuse account.  We'll also send you an e-mail one hour prior to start-of-show with a link to access the groupmuse.  Click here to view a guide on "how to access the groupmuse at start time."

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