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Since July 2020, the Planetary Music Movement (“PMM”) has been the Groupmuse Foundation’s essential diversity-equity-inclusion venture. Its mission is to transform music culture by celebrating the diversity of music.

PMM inspires and provokes change in the musical landscape by showcasing the artistry of underrepresented musicians and composers, commissioning new music, and providing training and networking opportunities.

Every month, PMM develops events with artists living and working in a majority culture by providing them with financial, technical, or programmatic resources. These events amplify underrepresented artists of the past, present and future; they connect them to hosts and audiences from different walks of life.

Half of the works within the programs that PMM hosts depend on the artist’s unique preferences. The remaining half of the selections must represent a historical tradition that is rooted in a lifetime commitment to craft and is suitable for intimate audiences. You are welcome to learn why Groupmuse no longer requires music from the classical canon here:

To learn how you may take part in or support PMM’s mission, please visit

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