Livestreaming Tech Checklist

Please review the following items prior to your livestream:

  • Check the stability of your internet connection ( Connect via ethernet cable if possible. Ask others who may be using your network to refrain from heavy data usage during your performance (streaming services, large downloads, etc.)
  • Make sure your external audio device is powered on. Review the audio volume levels in OBS and make sure your microphone's volume gain is configured properly (see here for detailed information on how to read the audio levels in your mixer:
  • Confirm that your external audio device is the only active audio source in OBS (see video below). **You can also tap your microphone and watch for the audio level to spike, just to confirm that your microphone is indeed the audio source selected.
  • Make sure your video device is configured and displaying properly in OBS (see video below).
  • Go to your scheduled stream in YouTube Live Studio and make sure your stream key is configured properly by starting the stream in OBS and looking for it to appear on the monitor in YouTube Live (and also confirm that the streaming status reads 'excellent connection')
  • Make sure you are in contact with your staff emcee to coordinate your pre-concert check-in (they will be reaching out to you 24 hours before your performance).

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