Reverb Plugins & Lighting Resources


Adding a subtle reverb effect to your performance can help add presence and depth to your instrument, regardless of the acoustics of your space. Conveniently OBS is able to accommodate VSL reverb plugins, so they can be easily applied directly to your livestream without any additional software applications.


In order to make your streaming concert experience feel special, consider the aesthetic atmosphere you are performing in. If you’ve taken the time, money and care to acquire great audio and video equipment, make sure you’re also applying that same care and thought to the visual element of your performance; experiment with the lighting in your home, or purchase equipment to create a key light setup

A simple way to improve your presentation is to use a black backdrop. You can simply hang a black sheet behind you, or purchase more professional gear such as this.Taking it further, you could create a moody scene with the Rembrandt lighting technique, to make your setting feel more evocative and cinematic. 

Going along with this theme, you could see yourself as an ‘actor-musician,’ where your own dress and visual appearance is an extension of the atmosphere of your scene... Have fun expressing yourself, and reinvent the concept and meaning of ‘performance attire!’

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