Advanced Technical Requirements (optional)

The following suggestions are for those looking to upgrade their audio/video setup beyond our basic streaming requirements

Mid Level

*Capture cards might be difficult to find at present due to high demand. Due to this many DSLR makers have recently released beta-stage software plugins that allow you to connect their cameras directly to your laptop without the need for a capture card. More info can be found here

  • HDMI and/or USB connector cables


*Note: These cameras require more gear (lenses, rigs, stands, etc.) to be fully functional. 

  • Capture Devices: 
    • Atem Mini and Atem Mini Pro, $295-$695 — These handy devices connect multiple camera sources to your computer. You can switch between the camera sources for a TV studio feel. The Mini Pro even allows you to stream directly to YouTube Live, without the need of passing through your computer.
    • Atomos Ninja 5 Recording Monitor, $499 — Allows you to view and record your camera's video (with many more features as well), and convert high quality video for streaming
  • Audio Interface: 
  • Microphones: 
    • Again, too many to list. Powered Ribbon mics are a bit of a new phenomenon that offer incredible sound for classical instruments: AEA & Royer are highly recommended. Also, Shoeps and Neumann are among the gold standards for condenser microphones.

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