Livestream Concert Tutorial

There are three parts to every livestream:

  1. Pre-concert video chat (~15 min)
  2. Concert stream (two sets of 20-25 minutes embedded on; ~50 minutes)
  3. Post-concert q&a (~20+ min)

There are two essential roles (and one optional) for every livestream:

  1. Performer: featured musician/s 
  2. Staff Emcee: Groupmuse staff member moderating and handling the technical aspects of the Zoom platform
  3. Host (optional): invites friends to the concert and assists in guiding the socializing element

Order of Events


  • Musician, Staff Emcee, and (optional) Host all meet in Zoom 15 minutes prior to the pre-concert video chat to discuss run-of-show
  • Attendees arriving early will be directed to the waiting room
  • Emcee and musician exchange phone numbers in order to communicate during the livestream


  • Emcee lets attendees in from the waiting room and continues to do so as needed, greeting everyone as they come in (all guests should be muted [with option to unmute themselves] upon arrival)
  • Emcee introduces themselves and gives a basic zoom orientation, discusses what Groupmuse is (including Groupmuses's community standards), sets timing expectations, and provides the link to pay the musician(s)
  • The Staff Emcee/Host introduces the musician, and gives the musician space to interact with their audience
  • Audience members are invited to share their name and location
  • If there is a host, they might briefly talk a little bit about their own experience with groupmuse and/or the musician and/or what led them to be an virtual host


  • Emcee provides the link to the concert in the Zoom chat, texts the musicians to go live, and mutes all attendees
  • Emcee explains they will be available to take any questions and comments from attendees via the Zoom chat
  • Emcee encourages attendees to share comments about the pieces/performance via the Zoom or Youtube chat
  • Musicians perform, taking a two-to-five minute intermission
  • At intermission, emcee checks in with attendees via Zoom to acknowledge the break and makes a contribution reminder, posting the payment link again in the chat


  • Emcee asks everyone to unmute to clap together for the musician
  • Emcee mutes everyone, stating that attendees can unmute themselves to ask a question OR type it into the chatbox for the emcee/host to read outloud to the musician(s)
  • After ~20 minutes of Q&A, the emcee/host will make one final contribution reminder and signs off
  • That’s a wrap!

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