Online Concert Format Overview

There are 3 parts to every online Groupmuse:

  1. The pre-concert hangout (the audience gathers in Zoom for 15-20 min prior to the performance)
  2. The performance (2 sets of 20-25 min of music streamed via Youtube Live)
  3. The post-concert q&a (musician then joins the audience in Zoom for a 30 min q&a session)

There are 2 essential roles (and one optional) for every online Groupmuse:

  • Performer - featured musician/s streaming their performance via YouTube Live
  • Staff Emcee - Groupmuse staff member moderating and handling the technical aspects of the Zoom platform during the pre and post-concert hangouts, as well as during the performance
  • Online Host (optional) - ‘virtual host’ who invites friends to the concert and guides the socializing element of the pre and post-concert hangout

Order of Events

(Tutorial video forthcoming)

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