How musicians are matched for your groupmuse

You’ve got two options to find musicians that are a good fit for your groupmuse:

  1. Search for what you love, at (you'll need an approved host account). Browse through our directory of approved musicians by location, and message anyone you’d like to collaborate with for a groupmuse! Let them know where you're located, about how many people you think you can gather for a performance, and some dates you're thinking of hosting. Once the two of you establish a date and time for a groupmuse, you can set up the groupmuse at and enter in their email address as the performer.
  2. Let the music come to you! Submit a groupmuse for a date you have in mind and once it’s approved, musicians will be able to offer to play at your groupmuse. We’ll do our best to match an offer that fits your groupmuse. We don't always have a huge amount of options, but know that our biggest concern is matching crowd size to ensemble size. We won't send a string quartet to a concert for 12, nor a soloist to an audience of 50. We also consider a player's performance history and the host's hosting history. If you live in an area that doesn't yet have a lively Groupmuse community, this can take a while, so please submit an event for 4-8 weeks out to give us time to find local players!

Once your groupmuse is matched with musicians, it’s officially on! You can start to invite friends and community members to RSVP to your event on

Keep in mind that at groupmuses, musician choose their own programs. It's important to our project that each groupmuse is an opportunity for artistic expression for the performers. They often have pieces they are working on, or looking to explore more, so we ask that hosts do not make specific program requests of matched musicians.

Finally, make sure you get in touch with your musicians before the day of your groupmuse, so you can speak with them about any special preferences or requests either of you might have. The more you coordinate with the musicians, the better the performance will go.

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