Groupmuse culture

All community members are responsible for promoting a healthy Groupmuse culture, but hosts have a special responsibility to represent Groupmuse's mission, community standards, and values at their events. 

Before you host, we recommend reading through these below:

Groupmuse's Mission

Groupmuse aims to create meaning and fulfillment in people’s lives and to change the way that people understand the role of great art in daily life. We do this by using great music to build local communities safely and inclusively and by empowering communities to support local professional artists. We use fair and transparent systems to make these connections wherever musicians and audiences are ready for them.

Groupmuse's Community Standards

As a host, your groupmuse should be:

  • Inclusive: Be open-minded about welcoming old friends and new.
  • Accessible: Not all homes are accessible to all people, but do your best to accommodate all types of guests.
  • Safe: We do our best to vet all community members, but we need your help to create a safe environment for everyone.
  • Respectful: Try to be understanding of all guests’ ways of being, even if you don’t understand them, and they should do the same for you.

Our values

At Groupmuse, we use these three values to guide our work. By talking about these values and reinforcing them through our work practices, we hold ourselves in alignment around the way we want to show up in the world.

  • Listening: To oneself; to others; to the world. Presence, availability, and connection.
  • Heart: Manifesting love, thought, care, empathy, and honesty in your work and relations.
  • Impact: Commitment to cultural transformation on every scale, from the smallest to the most grand.

We hope these resonate with you! If you think Groupmuse is right for you, check out setting up your first groupmuse.

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