How do musician payments work?

Events are offered to the Groupmuse community with a suggested donation. After the RSVP fee to cover administrative costs, all patronage collected at the event goes directly to the musicians.

Connecting your stripe account

Once you've connected your Groupmuse account to your bank account through Stripe, we can send audience payments right to your bank! Set up "Audience payments" here. Stripe collects a processing fee before releasing the funds. This may be more convenient for you or your ensemble; if you wish to avoid processing fees, we allow and encourage groupmuse musicians to let their hosts and fellow groupmusers know their Venmo and Cash App information.

Receiving donations through the Groupmuse app or on the website

Groupmusers attending can pay with cash collected by the host or they can use our online payment page. You or the host can simply direct groupmusers to where they will be able to select your groupmuse from a list of others happening that particular week. Payments are processed through Stripe, where they are held until you claim them.

Here's how it works:

  1. When the show starts, we'll automatically shoot emails and text messages to audience members reminding them to pay, and we'll include a link so they can easily do it from their phone at
  2. Your host will remind everyone to pay at intermission and after the music. They will explain payment methods
  3. Audience members who pay online can type in the amount to give, charge their credit/debit cards, and that money will go directly into your bank account. (Less credit card processing fees!)
  4. We'll continue accepting payments for up to 24 hours after the event. (In case someone forgets to pay the night of.)
  5. We'll email you the day after the show, asking you to fill out a Musician Report to ask about how much cash you collected.
  6. After the 24 hours are up, we'll send your whole ensemble an email with a full summary of all money collected, in cash and online.
  7. The money will show up in your bank account with 2-3 business days!

Pro tip: If we have your phone number on file, we'll also send you a text message the night of the show, with a link to your payments dashboard. You can use this to monitor online payments as they happen, in real time.

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