Private Groupmuse Options

There are a few different ways to host a private groupmuse.

1.) Private groupmuses that are free to host, where the guests pay the normal RSVP fees and contribute $$ to the musician.
2.) Private groupmuses where the host pays the fees so it's free (or cheaper) for guests to attend. 
3.) Hiring a groupmuse musician for a bespoke private party or work event with no affiliation to groupmuse. 
Option #1 functions exactly like a regular groupmuse (guests pay a $5 RSVP fee to groupmuse and are expected to contribute $ to the musician) except it's not posted on the calendar or included in our weekly newsletter, so only people the host invites can RSVP. Approved hosts can easily set up this kind of groupmuse online, with no help from groupmuse staff to organize.
Option #2 also uses the groupmuse platform to organize your event and feels like a regular groupmuse, but has options for variables.  The main difference here is that the host pays a flat fee to cover RSVP fees and either some or all of the musicians fee, leaving the option for guests to tip the musician. How much this costs is workable and can be discussed.
Option #3 means that Team Groupmuse will do their best to find you a musician or ensemble that would work great for whatever you're organizing, be it a party, work related event, or more! For this we charge a rate of $250 per player per 45-60 minutes worth of music, plus a 20% gratuity to groupmuse for the match.

To set up option #2 or 3, please reach out to [email protected] with some basic information about what you're looking to do, and a team member will be with you shortly!

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