How to perform at groupmuses

Coordinating with the host

We highly recommend checking in with the host at least once before the groupmuse. You should receive an email with their contact information, and you can also contact them by clicking on their name on the event page ([your event number] ). Let them know what you’re planning, see if they have any questions, and ask about any special circumstances, like pets, instrument issues, or weather. If you’re worried about not enough people attending, ask the host about it! The closer you coordinate with them, the better the groupmuse will be.

Day of the groupmuse: your schedule

Your groupmuse will have a start time listed on the website. That time is when guests should start arriving, not when the music should start. You should plan to show up at the written start time and to start playing 30-45 minutes later, but you can work out a different schedule with the host if you’d like.

The emcee (who is often also the host) will help gather everyone before you start playing, and once everyone is seated, they will give a little speech we call the Groupmuse spiel. It’s meant to explain what Groupmuse is and what it’s all about, to thank everyone for coming, and to remind everyone to pay the musicians after the music. The emcee is also responsible for passing the hat after the performance and giving you the money they collect.

The performance

This is it! This is what it’s all about. You should plan to play two sets of about 20-25 minutes, with a long break of up to 30 minutes in between. Make sure at least half the music is traditional historical music canon: we consider that to be any music that is steeped in a long history of passing down technique and repertoire.

Before starting, talk to the audience. They’re right in front of you, not far away in the seats of a concert hall. You can talk a little bit or a lot, whatever you think enhances your performance best, but either way, talk a little bit about yourself and your music.

Tell a story with your music. It’s not an audition, so don’t worry about being perfect. Groupmuse guests aren’t there to judge you: they want to be taken on a journey. Show them the ups and downs, the developments and the recapitulations, as clearly and powerfully as you can!

Promote yourself. We encourage you to promote yourself anytime during your performance. Bring some CDs to sell, or collect people’s contact info on a signup sheet. Ask if anyone there wants to host you for a groupmuse next month. Bring business cards. It’s all great!

Getting paid

All groupmuse guests should arrive understanding they’re expected to pay the musician at least $20 in cash or online at the event. (However, we never turn anyone away for lack of funds!) The emcee will remind them just in case, and they’ll be completely responsible for collecting the payments after your performance.  Groupmuse ensures that its musicians earn a minimum of $100 each (up to 4 performers).  Read more on minimum musician payments below.

Collect your cash payments from the emcee before the night is over. Online payments will be deposited directly into your account via Stripe. Guests can make online payments using our app or website, but you won’t do anything with either the night of. If you have any problems getting the online payments, send us a message at [email protected].  

If you haven’t connected a Stripe account, you can do that here

After the performance

After performing, check in quickly with the host. Then you are free to hang out longer at the groupmuse (which we recommend!) or to leave, as long as you’ve collected your cash payments. 

We’ll send you an email after the performance for you to give us your summary of the event, including payment total and your feedback.  You are required to submit this musician review form.  

Congratulations on your groupmuse performance!

Protocol for minimum musician payments

Once we receive your musician review form (which will help us figure out the total amount earned amongst players), we calculate whether or not The Groupmuse Foundation (if the event is public) or host (if the event is private) owe the musicians additional funding to hit the minimum musician payment of $100 per player (up to 4 performers).  If additional funding is owed, the primary musician on the account will need to respond to an automated email from us confirming the amount earned and whether Stripe or Paypal is preferred.  Staff will fulfill the minimum musician payment difference within a few weeks of your event.  It is up to the primary musician to split this additional money sent amongst the ensemble. 

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