How to create Massivemuses

What to know:

Massivemuses are groupmuses that are in "unexpected or unique spaces". Any worker-owner or musician owner can submit a proposal for an event. Because massivemuses are designed to draw a larger audience, there are some conditions that should be considered in your proposal.

  • A massivemuse shouldn't conflict with another massivemuse in the same month.
  • A massivemuse proposal should be submitted 2 months before the event.
  • 2 months before, the venue would be booked with terms agreed to. This includes ticket revenue and a split of proceeds
  • 1 month before, this time would be used to promote the event!

Programming Requirements

  • Musician-led programming should have a complete theme that meets the below requirements
  • Be aligned with Groupmuse’s values of presenting music that is timeless, featuring composers, styles, or music that pushes the boundaries of the status quo
  • Have more performers than a normal groupmuse can accommodate (e.g., string sextet, chamber orchestra) *and/or*
  • “Star” performers who are visiting from out of town
  • The Worker-Owner or Musician-Owner “sponsor” must be confident they can bring a minimum 75% capacity will be reached.
  • After administrative work, Groupmuse must collect a minimum $300

Resources available to musicians

  • A maximum of 3 email blasts about the event
  • With pre-approval, some administrative work can be compensated to the Musician-Owner

Massivemuse project timeline

2 Months before to the event:
  • Send the proposal to all Musician-Owners and worker-owners. Use the #ideas-and-feedback channel on Discord.
  • If the performer is not a Musician-Owner: a Musician-Owner or Worker-Owner must agree to be the “sponsor” of the Massivemuse.
1.5 Months before to the event:
  •  Create event page for approval
1 Month before the event:
  • Final draft of email blast is completed
  • Use #email-blast channel to work with Worker-Owners to schedule email blasts
  • Schedule all email blasts no sooner than 2 weeks before the event date

Examples of Massivemuse Financials

Here are some recent projections as examples:
NYC PMM Massivemuse June 2022
Ticket price: $25 general admission, $20 for Supermusers
Tickets sold: 50
$1,150 revenue = [$25 general admission * 30 tickets] + [$20 supermuser admission * 20 tickets] = [$750 general admission + $400 supermuser admission] = $1,150
Take home = ($1150 total - $200 to Groupmuse)/4 musicians = $240 per musician
NYC Massivemuse July 2022 with a 50/50 split
Ticket price: $25 general admission, and $20 for Supermusers
Tickets sold: 50
 $1150 revenue = [$25 general admission * 30 tickets] + [$20 supermuser admission * 20 supermuser admission]  = [$750 general admission + $400 supermuser admission]
50/50 split = $575 to Groupmuse and $575 to musicians

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