How do I manage my event?

Need to make a change to your event? Here's everything you need to know about your host dashboard.

Are you a musician who is also a host? Learn about hosting as a musician here

1.)  Sign in to

2.)  Click on your profile name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and use the drop down menu to select "host dashboard"

On the host dashboard page that appears you'll see all the tools available to you to create and manage an event.

Event List

In the middle of the Event List page are lists of all your events - past, uncoming, and incomplete events. If there are any upcoming events, you can navigate the the page for the event and use the "Manage" link in the blue heading at the top of the page to build your crowd.

If there are any incomplete events, this means the event was created but not submitted. Click on "Finish setting up this groupmuse" to edit and submit your event for approval.

Set up your next groupmuse

In the upper right portion of the page is a button to set up your next groupmuse. You'll be directed to a page where you can create an outdoor event (groupmuse picnic), regular groupmuse (indoor groupmuse), or private groupmuse.

To learn about hosting a virtual groupmuse as a performer, click here.

Building your crowd

You can manage your event including the ability to messaging the attendee list, making reservation on behalf of others and using our tools to build your crowd. On your event page, click "manage your event" in the blue banner at the top of your page.

Contact guests by using the "message attendees" or "message musicians" on the left hand side of the page. This will send a direct message within the website to your intended guests.

Do you still have spots available in your groupmuse? You can click the green "Build you crowd" button. Where you'll be taken to a page where you have the options to:

  1. Email Invite Tool: Send emails to your family and friends, even if they are not part of the groupmuse community
  2. Create a facebook event with our how to guide to invite guests and direct them to where to rsvp. There is also an option at the bottom of the page where can also send the link through Facebook messenger without creating a Facebook event.
  3. Browse Community Connections to invite guests from previous groupmuses you've attended
  4. Invite previous guests, co-musers, and nearby groupmusers that you have hosted, or attended groupmuses with
  5. There are also buttons to reserve a +1 for someone on their behalf and create a flyer to print out and post in community spaces.

Canceling or postponing your groupmuse

If you need to, you can postpone or cancel your groupmuse. Postponing allows you to save the event information. When you reschedule, we'll automatically recreate your event with all the information from your previous event for your new date.

If you still have any questions about hosting or using these features, please do reach out to support by emailing [email protected]

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