Hybrid in-person/virtual events

As Groupmuse (and the wider world) reopens for in-person concerts, we have had many musicians ask us about organizing hybrid in-person/virtual events, with audiences simultaneously present both in-person and online.  After careful consideration we do not recommend hybrid events, and will not be approving them unless the event has been discussed with Groupmuse staff.

It's a challenging feat to manage the technology required to livestream and two audiences simultaneously.  As a result, we have noticed that for these events, usually one audience is left wanting. Since intimate connections between musicians' and their audiences are at the heart of what makes a groupmuse a groupmuse, we feel it's important to protect that culture.

Instead, we recommend that musicians record their in-person concerts with high quality video and microphones, then premiere the content a couple weeks later.  In this way, you can maximize the most of your program, debuting it with your host's in-person audience, and then later with your own online subscribers.  This way, you'll be able to earn more income while easily interacting with both audiences, establishing connection over your craft and the music--which is really what this thing is all about. :)  

That being said, we are willing to make exceptions.  If you believe you can pull off an incredible hybrid concert, please read through the checklist below and if you can say "YES" to all of the above, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll go from there. 

The Checklist:

  1. What is your plan with making sure that the in-person attendees feel welcome throughout the groupmuse?
  2. When will your concert start?
    1. If the two same-day events say that they start at the same time: In-person GMs usually have the music portion start about 30-40mins after the stated start time, and virtual GMs are supposed to have the music start at the stated start time.
  3. There will be an emcee assigned to your virtual GM who will need to do a check in with you on Zoom 15 minutes before your event start time. Since you'll have in-person attendees present, how will you take care of the in-person attendees at the same time as checking in with the emcee on Zoom to talk through the plan?
  4. Will your concert have an intermission?
    1. In-person GMs suggest having around a 20-min intermission in the middle so that people can mingle more. Virtual GMs suggest not having an intermission at all since most attendees want to be done staring at a screen as soon as possible.
  5. How are you going to interact with the in-person attendees AND virtual attendees at the same time after the performance is done?

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