How to host during COVID-19

We are here to help Groupmuse hosts set up safe events to protect the safety and health of all our community. 

As of June 2021, we reopened in-person events after carefully monitoring municipal regulations around masking, social distancing, and vaccination policies. 

New hosting options

  • Hosts have more options to choose from, based on their comfort level of gathering for live music: indoor groupmuses, Groupmuse Picnics, and private groupmuses.  
  • Guests are required to confirm that they have read and understood the host's COVID-19 safety policy before they RSVP.

Host responsibilities

When submitting an indoor event, the host can select between these options:

If the host has selected that COVID-19 precautions will be in place, check-in is required at the door to review the host's COVID-19 safety policy, with the help of a "Safety Guardian," who would need to be tagged when creating an event. 

You can be the host and the Safety Guardian. Or, you can ask a friend to be your Safety Guardian. You can request that we help you find a Safety Guardian volunteer too. 

Extra masks, hand sanitizer, and paper towels in bathroom should be available to guests. 

We'll reimburse up to $25 for any purchases you make. Please email pictures of receipts to [email protected] along with your PayPal email address or Venmo handle, and we'll reimburse you within 3-5 business days of your submission.

Safety Guardian has these responsibilities:

  • Check in guests at the entrance and review safety protocols.
  • Ask guests to sign the Sign-In Sheet for contact tracing (which also includes the Liability Waiver).
  • Ensure that all guests abide by the safety protocols above.
  • If any guest is refusing to comply with safety protocols, firmly but respectfully ask them to leave.

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