How do I edit or unsubscribe from e-mail lists? (with tutorial video and pictures)

This tutorial video demonstrates how to update your e-mail list preferences. 

At the bottom of any e-mail you receive from Groupmuse, there will always be hyperlinks to "manage Groupmuse email preferences" and "unsubscribe from all Groupmuse emails."

Clicking on "manage Groupmuse email preferences" will redirect you to your e-mail subscription settings in your Groupmuse account page.  From there, you can decide which types of e-mail lists you'd like to be subscribed.  

Clicking on "unsubscribe from all Groupmuse emails" will automatically unsubscribe you from all email lists.  

You can always return to this page to update your preferences at any time, either by clicking these links at the bottom of any Groupmuse e-mail, or by going into your account settings and clicking on "email subscriptions.

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