How do I cancel or edit my reservation? (with tutorial video and pictures)

You've realized you need to cancel or edit the number of +1s on your reservation.  No problem.  Thanks for wanting to let us know!  Check out the tutorial video or step-by-step picture instructions below.  

In the reservation confirmation e-mail you received, there are links to cancel or edit your reservation directly.  

Here's a photo of what that looks like:

However, if you can't find this e-mail, here's how to do it through the website:

Step 1.)  Go to and click the "sign in" button in the upper right hand corner. 

Step 2.)  Once you're signed in, click on your name in the upper right hand corner, then use the pop-up menu to select "My events."

Step 3.)  Click on the event for which you need to cancel or edit a reservation.  

Step 4.)  Click on "Manage reservation"; it doesn't matter which one you click.  

Step 5.)   Click what you need to do: "cancel reservation" or "edit reservation."  

Step 6a.)   Cancelling: click the big red button that says "yes, cancel my RSVP."  Then you're all done!  We will automatically refund your reservation fees to your credit card.  Please note: we do not refund cancellations made within 24 hours of the groupmuse.

Step 6b.)   Editing: On this page you can add up to four +1s as well as edit or delete +1s you've previously added to your reservationYou can also opt in for text message updates or send the host a message.  Remember to click the green "Save changes" button when you're done.  Please note: Additional fees may apply when adding +1s to your reservation.

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