What technology should I use to watch a groupmuse?

  • We recommend you use a computer with high speed internet to watch your virtual groupmuse.  
    • Most computers are able to compatibly run both Zoom and youtube at the same time without interference, which is preferable for enjoying both the communal (Zoom) and performance (Youtube) aspects of virtual live concerts and premieres simultaneously!  We find that most smartphones and tablets are not able to do this and so attendees using devices other than a computer will need to toggle back and forth between which application is running.
      • Note: Masterclasses only use Zoom.
    • Our staff emcees are trained to offer a brief Zoom tutorial (for those using computers) at the beginning of each groupmuse; the placement of buttons and features may differ on smartphones and tablets.
    • We encourage attendees to use the chat-box during the performance to engage with one another; you will not be able to utilize this feature on a smartphone or tablet.
    • If you would like to watch the groupmuse on your television, most laptops and tvs support a hdmi connection and screen mirror.
  • We strongly encourage you use external speakers or high quality headphones.  
    • Internal speakers in laptops, smartphones, and tablets are often far too quiet and not sensitive enough to pickup the full range of nuanced dynamics and technique involved in chamber music performances.  
    • It can be particularly hard to hear performers speaking in between pieces, as performers are often limited to a single microphone which has been dialed in to their instrument, as opposed to their voice.  Being able to quickly increase and decrease the volume on your end will help you fully hear and enjoy all parts of the groupmuse. 
  • We recommend you download/or are running the latest version of Zoom ahead of time and use the application for the groupmuse.  
    • In-browser or outdated versions of Zoom have been known to glitch and cause stressful issues for our attendees.  
    • Click here to download Zoom.
  • Any browser will support groupmuse.com.  Just make sure you're running the latest update for a seamless experience!

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