PMM Forum format

The PMM Forum happens bi-weekly on Mondays from 8:30-10:00pm EDT. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

  • [2 min] Introduction
    • Groupmuse introduces this week's artist(s) and the forthcoming discussion.
  • [5-7 min] Musical Opening (optional)
    • The featured artist shares a sample from their repertoire or programming.
  • [45 min] Q & A with a Groupmuse Moderator
    • Groupmuse moderates a conversation with the forum artist(s) about their journey or mission.
      • Groupmuse sends a list of questions to the artist(s) ahead of time to review before the event.  A few examples of these questions might be:
        • How has classical music been a part of your life’s story?
        • When did you realize you were a “Black artist”; how do you feel about this categorization; how has this categorization affected your journey?
        • How do you hope classical music, as an industry, will transform in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice crisis?
  • [15 min] Q & A with Audience
    • Groupmuse moderates a discussion between the featured artist(s) and audience members.
  • [2 min] Invitation & Close
    • Groupmuse invites audience members and their friends to keep the conversation going at the featured artist(s) upcoming concert and closes the event.

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