What Do Virtual Hosts Do?

Virtual hosts in many ways preserve the spirit of the in-person groupmuse experience.  

First and foremost they invite their friends, family, and community to the event, which creates a familial ambience in the zoom pre-and-post-concert video chats and helps boost the attendance (on average 2x!), which is an indispensable help to musicians!

During the groupmuse, hosts co-facilitate the pre-and-post concert zooms with the staff emcee and the musician.  They:

  • Invite everyone to share their name and location as they enter the Zoom meeting.
  • Introduce the musician.
  • Talk a little bit about their own experience with groupmuse and/or the musician and/or what led them to be an virtual host.
  • Make the $10 contribution reminder.
  • Have a question or two prepared for the Q&A portion, just in case there's a lull in conversation!

Hosts are not responsible for any of the technical aspects of an online groupmuse.  A staff emcee will be present to give a zoom tutorial, provide all relevant links (to the concert, to the payment system), discuss timing expectations for the concert, and assist in the transitory platform jump from zoom (where the pre-and-post concert conversation happens) to the concert (a youtube video embedded in every groupmuse event page).

Each new host is on-boarded by a member of the Groupmuse Team during a 10 minute phone call.

For more information on what to expect during an online groupmuse, see the Groupmuse Livestream Concert Format.

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