What Do Virtual Hosts Do?

Virtual hosts in many ways preserve the spirit of the in-person groupmuse experience.  

First and foremost they invite their friends, family, and community to the event, which creates a familial ambience in the post-concert Q&A and helps boost the attendance (on average 2x!), which is an indispensable help to musicians!

Hosts co-facilitate the post concert Q&A on Zoom with the staff emcee and the musician.  They might:

  • Talk a little bit about their own experience with groupmuse and/or the musician and/or what led them to be an virtual host.
  • Make the $10+ contribution reminder.
  • Have a question or two prepared for the Q&A portion, just in case there's a lull in conversation!

Hosts are not responsible for any of the technical aspects of an online groupmuse.  A staff emcee will be present the entire time to assist attendees with any questions they may have.

Each new host is on-boarded by a member of the Groupmuse Team during a 10 minute phone call.

For more information on what to expect during an online groupmuse, see the Groupmuse Livestream Concert Format.

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