Virtual Streaming Program Details

Musicians have three options to present content virtually on the Groupmuse platform:

For all events, there will be a dedicated staff emcee assigned, increased $100 guaranteed minimums, audience email-newsletter opt-ins, and more. Our goal is to create the most effective platform for streaming chamber music concerts online, allowing musicians to offer genuinely connective experiences with their audiences, build bigger crowds, and raise more funds. After our first 350 virtual concerts (early October 2020), we've successfully raised an average of $325 per player per show, and reviews from audiences have been extremely positive. We want to invite more musicians to participate in this successful program!

In order to ensure the successful rollout of this program, we ask that you target an average of 15 or more attendees per show (in order to further support you in this, we’ve also redesigned our Virtual Hosting program). All musicians accepted into the program will have their first 3 concerts guaranteed. After that, we will work with you to find a pacing and frequency of concerts that works for both of us, as we are limited by our staff emcee capacity and budget (e.g. we may ask you to space out your performances to allow more time for prep and crowd-building.)

Our guarantees for your concerts

  • We will provide a staff member to emcee every virtual groupmuse you perform. The staff emcee will create and host a Zoom community video chat before and after each performance. You are required to join both the pre-and-post concert Zoom sessions; the former in order to be introduced and meet your audience, and the former for the 20 minute Q&A. The staff emcee will be responsible for all technical and social components during the Zoom sessions (read more about the virtual groupmuse format here)
  • Apart from the $3 reservation fee paid by all attendees at the time of registration, all money contributed during and after the performance will go directly to the musicians (minus Stripe's credit card processing fees of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction). Our staff emcee will make sure to request a $10 minimum contribution per attendee. You'll also have the option to set a higher suggested contribution for your shows.
  • If audience contributions do not reach a minimum total of $100 per musician, Groupmuse will guarantee a payout of $100 per player for up to three musicians.
  • Audience members will have the option to opt-in to further email communication from you, and you will have direct access to those members' names and email addresses. 
    • While placing a reservation, or while making a contribution, we'll display a checkbox to allow users to share their email address with you directly. You'll be able to view and download the list of these subscribers.
    • In line with privacy best-practices, we will only share with you the email addresses of attendees who opted in.
    • Important note: we require that every email you send to these subscribers has an option for them to unsubscribe.
  • To help you with crowd-building, we've revamped our "Virtual Host" program. If you can find a host for your online concert (encouraged, but not required), we will onboard them over the phone to ensure a successful experience. Learn more about our virtual hosting program here.

Requirements for musicians

  • Demonstrate proficiency in and exclusively use YouTube Live for all online streaming performances (more information here).
  • Perform a 45-60 min set with an optional intermission, within our program guidelines (read more about the virtual groupmuse format here).
  • Join the pre-concert Zoom session in order to be introduced and meet your audience, and join the post-concert Zoom session to participate in a Q&A.
  • Meet and sustain our basic online streaming technical requirements (see information on technical requirements here).
  • Help with crowd-building for your events, or recruit an virtual host to support you.  We ask that you target 15 or more RSVPs for every groupmuse.
  • As this program is likely to evolve, we ask that you organize your first 3 concerts within 6 months of acceptance into the program.

Beyond the first 3 concerts

  • Your first 3 concerts are guaranteed. After that, we may ask you to space out performances to allow more time for prep and crowd-building, depending on how the shows are going, and also our budget and capacity. However, if your first 3 concerts go well, please continue organizing at whatever frequency you wish!
  • Our staff emcees will file a report for each virtual groupmuse. If a staff emcee files a complaint about your event (such as a Community Standards violation), we reserve the right to ask you to take a break immediately.
  • If there is a problem with your technical setup, we will work with you to rectify it. However, we may ask you to stop performing until it is fixed.
  • We reserve the right to remove any performer from our platform, for any reason, although we do not expect to ever need to.

And a disclaimer: This program may evolve in these fast-changing times. We'll keep you updated as it does.

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