Getting Started

All musicians must be livestream approved before they can create and perform online concerts on the Groupmuse platform. In order to be granted approval, musicians must submit a soundcheck that demonstrates proficiency using the broadcast program OBS to stream to YouTube Live.

Musicians must also meet the basic audio/video equipment requirements for streaming, which include an external microphone and webcam/video camera. 

*More information about technical equipment requirements can be found here.

  • The video below walks through the process of setting up and using OBS and YouTube live:
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  • Once you are set up to stream, you can then create and record a soundcheck test video (set to unlisted), demonstrating both your audio and video setup by performing for a brief 1-2 min duration, playing both softly and loudly, as well as speaking. You can then submit this sound check for approval as part of your online performance application process on the Groupmuse website.

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