How to be a great groupmuse emcee

When the musicians are ready to begin playing, it’s the emcee’s job to gather all the guests and get them seated quietly in the performance space. This is usually pretty easy, but if you’re having trouble, recruit a couple helpers!

Once everyone is gathered, the emcee gives a speech we lovingly call the “spiel,” which explains how Groupmuse works, how to pay the musicians, and how they can host the next groupmuse themselves. If you’re emceeing, this is your moment to inspire the room and get them ready for music! Here's Sam Bodkin, Groupmuse founder and CEO, giving a spiel:

Example spiel script

“Thanks so much for coming, everyone! Welcome. My name is [ YOUR NAME ], and I’m the [ HOST and/or EMCEE ] for this groupmuse. Groupmuse is a website that lets anybody host events just like this. It’s all about building community around art and supporting art through community. I’d be happy to answer questions about it later! We’re about to hear some amazing music by [ MUSICIANS’ NAMES ]. Afterward, I’ll come around with a bowl to collect payments for them. This is their job after all, so we ask that everyone give at least $10: more is great. Without further ado, let’s enjoy the music!”

(If you’re having trouble getting everyone quiet before the spiel, get a couple friends to say “Shhh” with you at the same time. We call it the “Group Shush,” and it works wonders.) Right after the spiel, the music starts.

Community Circles members: This is where your co-hosts should stand up with you! Have each co-host introduce themselves, and one of you should tell the crowd about your Community Circle: its name, what it’s all about, and what Community Circles are.

After the performance concludes, the emcee reminds everyone to pay the musicians. As the party restarts, the emcee brings around a hat or bowl to politely collect cash payments from the guests.

Emcees remind audience members that they, too, can host their own groupmuse. We're always looking for more hosts - they're the lifeblood of the project!

The emcee should also take a short video or picture of the performance and throw it on Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to @groupmuse! If you don’t do social media, no problem, but if you do, this is a huge help in spreading the word.

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