What's the pricing for groupmuses?

Our pricing:

  • Hosting a groupmuse is totally free.
  • Attendees pay $5 per person for their reservation (paid online at the time of reservation).
  • At the event, everyone is expected to contribute money to the musicians, with either cash or online at groupmuse.com/pay. The minimum is $20, but we never turn anyone away for lack of funds.
    • As of 8/2/2021 the Groupmuse mobile app is not working for contributions. 

$20 is not the suggested contribution, it's the suggested minimum.

For some attendees, $20 is what they can afford for an evening's entertainment. For others, an up-close concert with professional musicians is worth $100. We want everyone to be able to attend groupmuses, so we don't set high ticket prices - we expect everyone to pay what they can afford, and what they think the musicians deserve. So be generous to the musicians, and encourage others to do the same! And of course, don't turn anyone away for lack of funds; we want to keep Groupmuse accessible to all!

The $5 reservation fee keeps Groupmuse running. 

Please encourage your friends to reserve their spot on groupmuse.com. It makes your life easier as a host, and their $5 reservation fee keeps Groupmuse going. If some of your friends refuse to reserve online, you can still reserve a spot on their behalf - just head to the "Manage Event" page, and look for the link to reserve spots for others. You'll provide their contact info (so we can email them our audience expectations), and pay their $5 reservation fee. 

Anyone can become a Supermuser to get unlimited reservations

People who become Groupmuse members (we call them Supermusers) don't have to pay the $5 reservation fee. Membership starts at $9 / month. But of course, this doesn't change paying the musicians at the event!

Why are some events ticketed?

Occasionally, the Groupmuse team will put together a special event, or we'll work with a partner to offer discounts to their events. These events may be ticketed, but don't be confused; 99% of our events are living room shows hosted by community members, and none of those events are ticketed, they all follow the pricing scheme above.

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