Why do I need to upload a picture of myself?

To keep hosts safe! If you already know the host, you won't need a picture.

If you're trying to reserve a spot for a Groupmuse event, we will ask you to upload a picture with your face visible to help hosts recognize you.

However, hosts can send invites through our website directly to friends, family, and neighbors. If you complete a reservation through one of these invitations, you will not be required to upload a picture. We assume they must already know you!

If you don't want your picture to be visible to the public, you can change your Privacy Settings

1. Sign in to your Groupmuse account.

2. At the top right corner, click on your name. Select Account settings

3. Select Privacy settings.

4. Uncheck the box here: 

5. Click Save changes.

Note: It may take time for search engines to reflect that your photo is no longer on the Groupmuse event page.

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