Why do I need to upload a picture of myself?

To keep hosts safe! If you already know the host, you won't need a picture.

If you're trying to reserve a spot at a groupmuse which you found on groupmuse.com, we will require you to upload picture with your face visible. Hosts feel much safer when they can see that you are more than just a name and an email address!

However, hosts can send invites through groupmuse.com directly to their friends, family, or other community members. If you complete a reservation through one of these invites, you will not be required to upload a picture (we assume they must already know you!). 

So if don't want to add a picture, just ask the host to send you an invite through our invite system (they'll need your email to do this). Then just complete your reservation through the invite (it will be emailed to you), and you won't need to add a picture.

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